Mission, Vision & Core Principles

Mission Statement

As the innovator in home services,we honor God by delivering unparalleled products, service & satisfaction.

Our Vision

We change the world by 
inspiring homes for life!

Southern Jewell Core Principles

  • Mastery: Excellence and mastery through our unparalleled product quality, customer service and satisfaction.
  • Transparency: Each project has a detailed project plan prior to the project start and every employee commits that the customer is informed and knowledgeable of the current project status, amount of time to the next project phase, and project completion date.
  • Integrity: We demonstrate honesty and show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles as individuals and as dedicated members of the Southern Jewell Home Services team.
  • Trust: Completing our responsibilities with reliability while treating others with uncompromising truth.
  • Quality: Southern Jewell provides superior products and services with a servant attitude. Quality encompasses dependability, responsiveness, understanding, competent knowledge, and cleanliness.


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