Cellular Shades

Graber CrystalPleat® Cellular Shades


Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are designed for unsurpassed energy savings all year. Their insulating honeycomb design paired with our all-new premium fabrics create a high-performance shade for every space and every style.

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Norman Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

The World of Portrait™

With rich materials, and an even richer history, Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades feature award-winning designs, exclusive options and industry leading construction – for no matter what the elements have in store.

Portrait™ –  More Choices,  More Comfort, More Energy Efficiency.

A color coordinated headrail delivers a modern look without requiring a valance.

Snap-in steel brackets are durable and designed for easy installation.

The honeycomb-shaped cells fill with air to insulate your window and give you high-performance energy savings all year long.

Specialty shapes fit skylights and other unique windows

Solutions for All Window Shapes and Sizes

Do you have skylights or other unique window shapes? Graber CrystalPleat® Cellular Shades and Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shades offer our widest array of specialty shapes. A Southern Jewell Window Treatment Expert can help size and order the right shades, mounts, and closures.

Graber Slide-Vue Vertical Cellular Shades offer high-performance energy savings for patio doors, wide windows, and room dividers.

Cell Sizes

An array of cell sizes offer the right proportions for every window.

⅜" Single Cell

Sleek profile for smaller windows (available in select fabrics only)

½" Double Cell

Double-cell construction provides maximum energy savings

¾" Single Cell

The larger cell size creates a clean, proportional look for medium to large windows

1¼" Single Cell

Extra large cell size proportioned for oversized windows for a clean look with fewer pleats

Light / Privacy

Graber Cellular Shades are constructed from a range of high-quality fabrics that provide varying levels of light control and privacy.


Allows the most sunlight and the least privacy


Allows moderate sunlight and a little privacy

Light Filtering

Blocks some sunlight and offers some privacy (darker colors may offer more privacy than lighter colors)


Blocks all sunlight and offers complete privacy


A range of lift controls can be paired with your Graber window treatments

Cord Lift

Raise and lower the shade with a cord

Continuous-Loop Lift

Cord loop raises and lowers the shade; adjust large and hard-to-operate shades more easily

Cordless Lift

Raise and lower by pulling on the bottom rail for smooth, cord-free operation; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets

Motorized Lift

Control with a remote or with a home automation app; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets


With a variety of shade configurations, Graber Cellular Shades can answer a wide range of needs


Standard shades open from the bottom

Bottom Up/Top Down

Lift from the bottom or lower from the top to let in natural light while maintaining privacy

Sun Up/Sun Down

Pair two cellular fabrics or two pleated fabrics for flexible light control and privacy


Combine a cellular and a pleated fabric into one shade for flexible light control and privacy

Top Down

Lower the shade from the top with continuous-loop lift


Luxurious cellular fabrics in a vertical orientation bring all the benefits and energy efficiency of cellular shades to wide windows and patio doors

Norman Portrait™ Smart Features & Benefits

Norman Portrait™ has a stylish answer for any lifestyle or light control need. With a multitude of lift systems — including child-safe cordless and motorized options.

SmartRise™ Cordless

Our patented SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade. The reliable, self-leveling shade is Certified Best for Kids for its safe operation.


The award-winning, cordless shade adjusts from the top or bottom with no dangling cords in the middle for unobstructed views and less light leakage.

SmartFit™ with Frame

Add a sleek and elegant frame to your SmartFit™ Shade. A great solution for square windows, french doors, skylights or side lights. The frame ensures light and privacy control on all sides.

Energy Savings

Solar heat passes through windows in the summer, while indoor heat escapes in the winter. Our honeycomb shades protect against energy loss with the trapped air pocket design.


Available in-person or virtually online from the comfort of your home.

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