Composite Shutters

Timeless, High-End Appearance

Southern Jewell Composite Shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution. Engineered to withstand high humidity and are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

Engineered to Perform

  • Rigid, composite construction resists flexing from season to season
  • Impervious to moisture, meaning you can install in any indoor environment
  • Designed for durability, composite shutters are ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Composite shutter panels now come as wide as 36", offering a better solution for larger windows and allowing for a clearer view to the outside

Composite Shutter Product Options

Choose from a range of shutter styles, easily customizable based on your privacy needs and size of your windows or doors.

Standard Panel

Rectangular-shaped panel covering the entire window and can be installed using any frame style


This classic style covers the bottom part of the window, allowing light to enter above while maintaining privacy

Bypass Track System

Ideal for patio or closet doors, panels slide on a double track that can be attached to a frame or mounted directly to a window casing

Double-Hung Shutters

Top and bottom panels hang in the same window but operate separately, allowing the top to be opened for daylight while the bottom is closed for privacy

Arch or Angle Top Panels

Whole window solutions that perfectly fit the rounded shape of full arch windows or angles of slanted windows

French Doors

Mounted to French doors, curved or rectangular cutout options can accommodate door knobs or handles

Sunburst Arches

Sunburst patterned louvers cover unique window silhouettes such as eyebrow, elongated, and elliptical arches

Choose from three Louver sizes. Window size along with the outside views will help you decide which louver width is the best choice for your shutters.


2½" Louver

Traditional style for smaller window and café height applications

3½" Louver

Most popular louver size provides versatile visibility and light control options

4½" Louver

With wide louvers, this option provides great visibility to the outside and is perfect for larger windows.

Norman Woodlore® Shutters

The World of Woodlore®

An iconic choice with renowned durability, strength and density.  Resists peeling, cracking, chipping and yellowing.  No wonder it’s #1 among the world’s homeowners.  Woodlore® is more stable, robust and stronger than solid wood shutters.

It is also big on safety – VOC-safe and CARB compliant for off-gassing.

Features & Benefits

From its quality, durable construction and award-winning innovations, it's easy to see why so many have made Woodlore® their shutter of choice.

Safety First

All Norman® products are free from lead and soluble heavy metals and exceed international standards for off-gassing of harmful chemicals

Polypropylene Coating

This medical-grade, safe coating protects against scratching, chipping, yellowing and fading. A proven favorite in the automotive, toy and food packaging industries.


Made from an EcoSmart Wood Composite with a durable specially formulated MDF that utilizes up to 95% of every tree harvested.


Tilt louvers like magic without a visible tilt rod. A built-in gear driven system tilts flawlessly with precise tight control.

PerfectTilt™ G4 Motorization

Control an entire house of shutters with the convenient remote or utilize the App to open and close your shutters even when you're not home.

Recessed Magnets

Unlike conventional cabinet magnets that are unsightly and fail over time, our magnets are recessed for a streamlined appearance and flawless performance.

Norman Woodlore® Plus Shutters

The World of Woodlore® Plus

Woodlore® Plus is a hybrid shutter utilizing light weight yet durable ABS for its louvers, a material often used in high-end endurance applications such as appliances, car parts and helmets, while utilizing structured composite wood frames and rails.

Woodlore® Plus is tougher, has more colors and is more versatile than ever before.

Features & Benefits

A host of built-in features and available options make Woodlore® Plus a refreshed enhancement to the world's best-selling shutter.

ABS Louver of the Future

Patterned after an aircraft wing's design, our ABS louvers are strong, rigid and lightweight. Multiple sandings and paint sequences yield an impeccable high-end finish.

Wide Panel Widths

Our lightweight but strong ABS louver of the future allows us to create panels up to 36" wide for more unobstructed views.

Waterproof Option

High moisture or direct water contact are no match for our waterproof option.

PerfectTilt™ G4 Motorization

Control an entire house of shutters with the convenient remote or utilize the App to open and close your shutters even when you're not home.


Tilt louvers like magic with no visible tilt rod. A built-in gear driven system tilts flawlessly with precise tight control.

Unlimited Color Options

With 27 standard colors and a custom color option, your possibilities are endless.


Available in-person or virtually online from the comfort of your home.

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